How do you know when to use a capital letter?  Here are some rules.


  • 1.  The beginning of sentences- 

Where is he?  He’s at the store.


  • 2.  When you talk about yourself use capital I, not i.
  • 3.  Names- 

Nancy Smith

  • 4.  Cities, States, Provinces, Countries, Continents and Geographical Areas-

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, North America, Pacific Ocean, Amazon River

  • 5.  Titles- 

Mr. Johnson, Miss Lee, Dr. Jones, Ambassador Jung

  • 6.  Languages and Nationalities- 

Mexican, French, Russian

  • 7.  Days and Months- 

Thursday, March 13

  • 8.  Schools- 

Boise High SchoolColorado State University (CSU)

Also capitalize names of religions, school courses (History,) streets, buildings, and parks.




Now you try…

Rewrite the following paragraph using capital letters where they are needed.  See the answers below.

i want to tell you about my professor, dr. lawrence cochran.  he lives in los angeles and works at ucla.  on monday, june 13 he will fly to cairo, egypt and visit the nile river.  he can speak arabic and his wife is egyptian.


Answers to Paragraph

I want to tell you about my professor, Dr. Lawrence Cochran. He lives in Los Angeles and works at UCLA. On Monday, June 13 he will fly to Cairo, Egypt and visit the Nile River. He can speak Arabic and his wife is Egyptian. 

(Contributed by Teacher Radhiah)

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  1. salam teAcher..gIve tHis blOg many question..i want to answer the question for improve my language on English…Thanks…

  2. thanks leha92…
    I really appreciate your enthusiasm. For your information in the internet there are many on-line sites or English as Second Language (ESL) activities.
    Such as ,

    and many more.. Do try to explore these suggested interesting sites.. Happy exploring… 😉

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