Spelling when adding “-ing”

Is the word runing or runningIs it coming or comming?  Do you know how to spell them?  Is there an easy way to know?  Yes, there is.  I will tell you some rules.

First of all, do you know what a vowel is?  They are the letters A, E, I, O, and U.

Do you know what a consonant is?  They are all of the letters except vowels.  B, C, D, F, etc.


  • Rule 1  If a word ends with a vowel and a consonant, you should double the consonant (make another one) before adding -ing. 
    • Here is an example…  run.  U is a vowel, N is a consonant.  There is only one syllable.  So the spelling is running.  Also look at the word stop.  O is a vowel and P is a consonant.  So the spelling is stopping.
  • Rule 2  If a word ends with an -e, like the word come, take off the -e and add -ing.  The word becomes coming.

  • Rule 3 If the word ends with two vowels and a consonant, like clean, do not double the last letter.  Just add -ing.  The new word is cleaning.

  • Rule 4  How about a word that ends with two consonants like help?  Just add -ing.  The word becomes helping.

  • Rule 5  If a word ends with a -y, like play, just add -ing.  The word becomes playing.

  • Rule 6  If a word ends with -ie, like die, change the ie to y and add -ing.  The new word becomes dying.

So the only words that have special changes are words that match rule # 1 and # 6.  For everything else, just add -ing.



Test your new knowledge.  Add -ing to the word. 

1.  love        


2.  fly       

3.  walk       

4.  plan       

5. work       

6.  cook       

7.  rain       

8.  drum       

9.  smile       

10. stay       


(Contributed by Teacher Radhiah)

3 Responses

  1. 1-loving

    Is it true teacher?

  2. saLAm,cKgu
    kaLau Saya Beri CadangAn mSukkan Soalan untuk Pmr,SMa,Spm…kLau PeLajar SAMHSB onliNe,bLeh jwaB secara tErus…

  3. Petra… So sorry for the delay .

    Yeap.. 10 marks for you. A job well done. 🙂

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